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In Athletics we offer a range of disciplines including sprinting, middle distance, long jump, high jump and shot put.

Our annual Athletics Day takes place at the beginning of the year.

This is a very exciting time at our school because all the learners are involved and get a chance to participate.

Each and every learner is included in this exciting fun-filled afternoon.

Inter-house activities play a major role in the extra-curricular program.

Lord Milner prides itself in the achievements of learners at Provincial level in most of the sports offered.


At Lord Milner, we enjoy playing Hockey.

We select a junior - and senior girls team yearly. Matches are played against local schools.

Basic Hockey and social skills empower our girls to play with authority.


Netball teach the girls to work together as a team and improve their hand-eye coordination and social skills.

It requires the players to sprint and change direction quickly.

It is a good cardiovascular workout and it will improve overall fitness. We participate against other local schools.



Soccer at Lord Milner School aims to teach our boys and girls how to work as a team whilst giving them the opportunity to keep active and healthy.

We offer:

  • Early development of  ages '8' and '9'.

  • Our u/10 and u/11 teams play friendly matches against various schools throughout the season.

  • The u/12 boys play in the 'Danone u/12 Nations Cup' and have various friendly matches against other local schools.

  • The u/13 boys AND girls teams take part in the 'SA Schools League'.


Lord Milner plays cricket in the Limpopo u/11 and u/13 leagues.

We play Nylstroom Laerskool, Marble Hall Laerskool and Julien Muller larskool. The Winner between these four schools moves onto the knockout stage.

The knockout stage could consist of 4 matches between the schools in their different regions before a winner can be crowned.

We also play friendly matches against Warmbaths Primary, Eugene Marais Primary and Piet Retief Primary.

Cross Country

What is Cross Country?

Cross country consists of running in the field or on the road, and around the athletics track. Athletes from ‘7 ‘to ‘14 ‘years old can take part in cross country.

Did you know?

Cross country is essential for any child who wants to start running. Many athletes started their carriers with cross country running.

What is our aim?

To give our learners a chance to take part in cross country and the opportunity to receive the Limpopo colors in this sporting code. We also do take part in the Waterburg Cross Country League. The league consists of ten schools in the Waterburg region and we have 4 meetings during the month of august

What equipment do you the learners need?

A good pair of running shoes is very important and at least 3 pairs of sunning socks.

What attitude must Cross Country athletes have?

  • Self-discipline.

  • Endurance.

  • Positive attitude.

  • The willpower to succeed.

We are Champions

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