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Being a boarding school (there are some day scholars from surrounding farms), the boarding home complex is an important part of Lord Milner.

Boarding facilities are made up of:

  • Junior Boys (Rhodes Boarding Home)

  • Senior Boys (Monty Boarding Home)

  • Junior Girls (Clarendon Boarding Home)

  • Senior Girls (Rainbow Boarding Home)

Accommodation consists of two and four bed dormitories, and each child has his or her own locker. 
Each Boarding Home has its own matron who is responsible for the health and domestic needs of each child. 
A Senior Head of Hostels is in overall control of the boarding home complex.

Over weekends children are afforded every opportunity to relax and enjoy themselves. 
Supervised swimming takes place in summer and the children also make use of the soccer fields, cricket nets, tennis and netball courts. In the evenings they are able to watch television and videos, screened by staff for them. 
Boarding Home Fees include an amount for tuck, which they receive twice a week. 
All meals are prepared in the kitchens of the boarding home and they meet the highest standards of nutrition, 
quality and variety needed for growing children.

Parents play a vital role at Lord Milner School. 
Parents' Days give them the opportunity to meet the educators and other staff. 
A Parents/Teachers Committee undertakes many tasks, including fund raising for the school. 
Parents also serve on the School Governing Body, along with educator and other staff representatives.

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