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Cultural @ LMS

Lord Milner hosts a biannual culture week festival. This year, 197 learners from grade R to grade 7, took part from the 23rd to the 25th July.

On Tuesday the learners participated in prepared reading. The standard throughout was exceptionally good, but the highlight of the day was the grade 7 group who ALL receive 'highest honors’'. Wednesday and Thursday were dedicated to individual poetry and speech choirs. The dedication and hard work by the learners and staff were seen in the outstanding quality of the recital in each poem.

Our junior speech choir was the biggest ever. The 54 participants received 'highest honors’ for a very enjoyable poem, well interpreted and performed.

A huge thank you to all the parents who attended and especially to Mrs. Pretorius organizing such a prestigious event.

Alphabet Cubes


B for Bee



Grade 4

Grade 5

Spel Win 4.jpg
Spel Win 5.jpg

Grade 7

Grade 6

Spel Win 6.jpg
Spel Win 7.jpg


Chess can be thought of as a "blood sport" that provokes and

develops strategic and lateral thinking, apart form

satisfying the player's adventurous side.

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