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Eco Club

"ECO" - Environmentally friendly living/teaching.

In Eco we strive to teach the children of today not only about the environment and how to conserve it. We aim to create a love based learning environment where children actively participates in Fun learning activities in the environment.

We as a group part take in various activities designed to encourage children

to look after and appreciate the environment.

Activities such as:

* Game drives

* Veld walks

* Star gazing

* Building safe fires

* Camping

* Fishing 

* Animal ID Mammals of Southern Africa

* Taxidermist visit

* Making fishing rods

* Visit the quarry to play "Claylat"

Computer Club

This is where fun and learning collide and children share their passion for technology in an informal way. Children improve their skills by also learning from their pears.

Girly Club

Develop your entrepreneurial and hostess skills by learning how to bake and serve.


Fun Club

Social skills form an important part of  development in children. At the Fun Club we learn to wait our turn, to play by the rules and that winning is not everything. Most of all, we have FUN!

Social Skills:
* Respect - wait your turn

* Adhere to rules

* Appropriate response to emotions - coping with anger and disagreement

* Diversity - all have different talents

* Distinguishing between safe and dangerous situations

* Listening Skills

* Following of instructions

* Organisation and planning

* Work as a group and not as an individual, to achieve a common goal

* Everyone gets an opportunity to be the leader of a group

* Concentration

* Observe and recall

* Thinking and reasoning

* Identify between differences and similarities

* Physical development

* Use body to rotate elevate and balance

* Ball skills like throwing, bouncing, rolling, striking and receiving

* At Fun Club we are learning by having fun.

Warrior & Craft Club

We teach little one's biblical principals and encourage them to live accordingly. 

Craft is also used to create and act out the Bible stories we share.

DJ Club

The DJ club provides the learners with an alternative form of discipline than that of any other outdoor activity or sport. Not everyone is cut out to be a track star.

Here the children will learn how to:

  • Set up a PA system (Public Announcement system).

  • Mix and match music.

  • Be able to set up an appropriate playlist for any occasion/event

The children also learn how to pair up some of their favorite tunes.